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Hello! Are there any Loewe fans out there? And have you read our ‘The Making Of… Loewe Amazona Bag’ posts yet? If it was possible to explain the Amazona bag in one sentence; First introduced in 1975, a Spanish symbolic bag, launched to represent the women liberty. With years of refinement, an iconic bag that every serious Fashionista must have. There’s ‘always’ room in your wardrobe for a timeless bag.

In one of the previous collection; Loewe collaborated with Junya Watanabe to celebrate the culture exchange between Spain and Japan. But now a new collection is going to hit store very soon, it’s called the Loewe Acids collection and basically it consist the amazona bag and other classic accessories in new colors and designs.

The drawing was inspired from the peacock, a signature from one of the brand. The shades range from apple green to ocean blue along with orange mixed with blue handle. The items are accented with gold details on rings, clasps and locks.

Notice the differences; the new Amazona Acids bags have the Loewe signature dotted on the right of the bag side instead of a centered logo like the original version. The brand’s name Loewe is embellished on the locker, this bag cost around €1.600 and will be released this month.

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