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For the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, we’ve spotted a lot sophisticated and futuristic handbags. We’ve seen new styles that are as soft as the camellia flower, but also bold and statement makers like the Chanel Studded Corners Flap Bag. When you look at this bag, what does it remind you? The Classic Flap Bag right?

A lot of components on this bag resembles to the iconic Classic Flap Bag. Yet, they’re not the same. First of all, the stitching is done differently and much more vivid, the leather looks like it’s been worn; a bit of cracked like the crumple calfskin. The appearance of the body is bold, even without those studded corners. The top features the woven chain strap, but the interlocking CC looks like the vintage version and not like the smooth-version like on the Classic Flap Bag. And obvious, the most notable objects on this bag are the golden corners with little studs, which demand attention wherever you carry. This bag is a stronger version comparing to the other Chanel Flap Bag; it is perfect for the important evenings whenever you need to steal the spotlights.

Even tough the topic of the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection is Paris Cosmopolitan, this bag does remind me of the previous Dubai Cruise Collection, which also features a lot of golden hardware. Style code A94495, measuring 15.5 x 25 x 8.5 cm, priced at $3700 USD, €3600 euro, £3200 GBP, $28400 HKD, ¥456840 JPY, ¥27900 CNY, $4750 CAD via Chanel boutiques.

Would you purchase this bag?







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Freshly baked and just arrived at the boutiques – a complete new affordable flap bag. Want to know more?

V Lai bought this bag at Neiman Marcus a few days ago, here’s what she has shared: ‘I just found out this from Chanel site after I bought the bag from Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale. The size is small and light enough for me as my GST hurts my shoulder very much. The price is attractive compare to other Chanel flap too!’.

The Chanel Gold Metal Flap Bag is somewhere between a WOC and a Medium Classic Flap Bag. You know, there are always days when you need a smaller bag, but an evening WOC is just too tiny. This has the perfect size.

Crafted from durable calfskin and adorned with gold metal hardware, the bag is quilted and chic. It features a beautiful iconic CC logo on the front and its made with the comparable chain as the boy bags.

For those that are interested, here are the details:

Chanel Gold Metal Flap Bag
Style code: A93427
Size: 6.7’ x 11’ x 2.2’ inches



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Fashion Chanel Chevron Flap Bag In Orange

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For those that has been scrolling on twice a day, and still can’t find the perfect handbag that matches your flavor, well… perhaps we can help.

Its name? The Chanel Medium Chevron Flap Bag.

Everybody wants to know the history of her handbag, so we will share some insight. The Chevron design is not new, there are vintage styles rotating in the consignment market right now and they are priced around 。

This handbag is offered depending on the season, the colors are also depending on the season, usually not all information are shared online, therefore you need to visit the boutique personally to check ‘what’s the latest in store.

Here are two gorgeous Chanel Chevron Flap Bag, one in the classic style and one in the boy version. The orange is to-die-for, it’s too perfect to be true, ideal for this winter season and it can be worn during the summer too.

It comes with an interwoven chain link and a bold CC logo on the front. This is an alternative to the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, or the Easy Flap Bag. Put this on your wish list!

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We just want to let you know that the Chanel Chevron Quilted Flap Bag is a gorgeous bag and there is still time to claim one.

Perhaps you already forgot, if so then allow us to freshen your mind. This is the Chanel Chevron Quilted Flap Bag from the Cruise 2016 Collection. It’s one of the few bags that received many compliments. So it’s really trending and we fully understand why.

Besides the smooth leather, the print is very important. The Chevron print creates a classic appeal while the interwoven chain link in golden hardware screams luxury. The extra CHANEL PARIS charm adds a little uniqueness to it.

Comparable to the Classic Flap Bag and well-priced for a Chanel bag, why are you still waiting?

Mrs Jahn just bought her own this month in stunning pink color and golden hardware. Here’s what she said: ‘Just got my Chanel Chevron Quilted in Rose Pink from Milano and I must say majority of my girlfriends just lurveeee the colour. I personally love the chain. Their gold is so rich that it matches my 916 bracelet’.

Congrats Mrs Jahn.

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A bag that gets more compliment than the popular girl in high school, it’s been loved months before its release, it’s orange and at first-look, makes you confused whether it’s a flap or a tote.

I do not know its real name…yet. I also do not know whether Karl Lagerfeld has put a style code on this bag yet, however, I do know this – the first time we showed on our site, we got a lot of likes. ‘I love the new Orange Tote from the Fall Winter 2014’, is what we’ve heard.

And so, we’d like to show you how it would look like if you were carrying it in town, just to verify you made the right decision to put on your wish list.


As you can see, this orange Chanel tote is quilted, enriched with the iconic silver CC signature and embellished with interwoven chain links- very similar like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. But would it surprise you, if you know that it’s actually very spacious.

While it’s not advisable to wear it like a backpack, you can grab it on the leather handles and tote it on the Madison Avenue. Or if you like, hide the leather handles and close the flap to wear it on your shoulder like the timeless Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

It’s a Chanel 2.0, a new invention with a modern versatile style of the traditional Classic Bags. Do I know the prices, do I know the colors or the style codes? Not yet, because this bag will be released in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. You know what, we will keep you informed, like our Facebook page.

And so, what do you think about this bag? Still love or no love? Let us know in the comments.

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The Givenchy Pandora Box is known for its distinctive way of carrying – it falls forward when this baby is around your arm. Though it comes in different sizes, but when the shoulder strap was first introduced, I fell in love.

But literally nothing can compare to what they are going to release for the Fall 2014 Collection, it was coming anyway, just a matter of time, presenting the Givenchy Pandora Flap Bag.

As the name already mentioned, an additional flap is embellished on the top, yet the design haven’t changed a bit – this bag still falls forward even when you carry it on your hand.

Lined with canvas, you can find one zip pocket and one slip pocket in the interior, the exterior is enriched with a zip pocket. While it comes with a rolled top handles, you can also wear it cross body as a detachable/adjustable shoulder strap is included.

The flap can be opened with a push lock closure. For the Fall 2014 collection, a few fall colors are introduced to match your trench coat and umbrella, which includes in classic black.

The Givenchy Pandora Flap Bag comes in two sizes and is around the same price like the Pandora Box:

Small size: 10.0″ x 11.5″ x 4.0″ (H x W x D)

Medium size: 11.0″ x 14.5″ x 6.0″ (H x W x D)



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