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Valentino sure knows how to rock your hearts with its Rockstud Mini Leather Shoulder Bag. For those who fell in love and had an amorous bag affair with the rockstud, here’s a good news for you: the rockstud shoulder bag is back with all the refinements and upgrading that it deserves.

This is Valentino’s Twist Lock My Rockstud Shoulder Bag. As you can see, it’s a lot different than the original Rockstud version. Considered to be a smoking fresh-of-the-grill kind of bag, this Valentino leather goody is perfect for your daytime-elegance ensemble. The well-structured shape of this bag is further highlighted with the Valentino’s signature pyramid studs in a shiny yellow gold-tone effect.

The side straps and zipped top gives you full access to the bag, also giving you easy organized on the go. It also has a detachable shoulder strap and a twist-lock fastening side straps for adjustable width. 






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The Valentino Chain Shoulder Bag

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For this winter, Valentino’s new bag Chain Shoulder Bag gets a new look and comes in black and white stripes. The shape is the same as the popular Rockstud Flap with studs on the side and a few on the front. We love how sophisticated this bag and the studs add a rock and roll edge. The teeny bag is a great for the evening and the stripes make a basic outfit stand out.

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Before we dive into Valentino’s passionate collection, allow us to explain the effect of the color red in fashion. Red is the most emotional and intense color, it stimulates faster heartbeat and breathing – kind-of the same effect when meeting the man of your dreams. Red outfits look much heavier and it gets easily noticed, if you need to draw people’s eyes or attention, then this color makes perfect sense.

Now that the sun is shining and everyone is popping with bright colors, Valentino took the unusual path – the Absolute Rouge Collection consist of red carpet accessories, spotlights everywhere on you and people’s eyes consciously aware of your presence.


The Valentino Red and Rubin Flap Bag is from a Garavani signature flap, finished with fine leather or in ponyskin, both styles embellished with studs on the short handles. But you will want to use the detachable leather strap, you know, there are times you need to free your hands to hold an ice cream. Measuring 19 x 12 x 3 cm (W x H x D), for €1250 euro.


It seems like that Valentino is bringing the traditional back to life, studs everywhere, even on the brand-new Scarlet Minaudier. Thankfully it comes with a crossbody chain, but it’s crafted from grained calfskin; a hard material but very durable. Measuring 16 x 9.5 x 3 cm (W x H x D), for €1390 euro.


Perhaps the Red and Rubin Tote is the sexiest accessories ever crafted. Match it with black pumps to balance the exciting color and this bag just reveals your true personality – full of love and passion. Measuring 40 x 22 x 12 cm (W x H x D), for €1650 euro.





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Valentino is making a resounding quick-witted comeback with its Rockstud Quilted Bag that looks absolutely a million-dollar beauty in all its angles. The Rockstud Bag already earned its name, it is a popular accessory from Valentino but for this season, the creative team behind this fashion brand designed the Rockstud shoulder bags with quilt effect.

Though Chanel is undeniably known for its quilted bags, Valentino on the other hand is quietly making a big competition with its quilting and studding effects that makes its bags stand out from the crowd.

Part of Valentino’s 2016 Fall Collection, we are definitely eyeing this Rockstud Quilted Bag. We are predicting that this will be another “IT” bag to watch out for, so make sure to include it on your list.

Aside from the diamond quilt and rockstuds, we are amazed by the eye candy color! The light peachy color looks feminine yet with a modern touch. And oh, the delicate chain is also swoon-worthy!

The interior features one internal patch pocket and zip pocket, measuring 10 x 20 x 5 (H x W x D) cm, priced at $2375 USD or €1550 via Luisa Via Roma.










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Sometimes it’s not easy to be a girl, especially now that fashion is running so much faster than in the past. I mean, how many collection has Chanel showed this year? (including the releases) With Paris-Dallas and Cruise 2015, in total 5 Collections.

With so-many choices nowadays, the best is to choose a bag that has something to distinguish and that still matches to your personality. It’s easy to go for black, but do you dare to carry lipstick red?

And when Fashion Meets Art, we would like to introduce you to Valentino Camubutterfly Bag Collection. Valentino has been working hard on the Camouflage print recently, but none of them really attracted my attention, that is, until I found the perfect blend, they added butterflies to it.

A true work of art, a shoulder bag that can turn into a clutch for the evenings, crafted from rich leather with shimmering jeweled finger loop.

Notice the details, give some attention to the small butterfly pieces in colorful jewels, this bag is also ideal for the fall and winter seasons as the color is darker. Measuring 9.5’ x 5.5’ x 2.5’ (W x H x D), it has three open pockets in the interior. Pre-order for $2895 USD at Saks.


For those who don’t need a shoulder bag, perhaps a pouch? This pouch is decorated with beautiful butterfly print, but it’s not as hot as the shoulder bag, for example, you will not find jeweled butterflies here. Measuring 12’ x 7.5’ x 0.25’ (W x H x D). Pre-order for $1195 USD at Saks.

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