Designer Bags with Canvas Shoulder Straps

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As Canvas Bags are very much in these days, designer brands have also used it to create stylish shoulder straps. A variety of designers offers their version of canvas straps that can be seen with their signature bags or sold separately. Dior, Valentino, Fendi and Anya Hindmarch features textile straps with embroideries and designs. While Gucci, Prada, Givenchy and Proenza Schouler kept it simple with stripe pattern or their own logo. Check out the latest canvas straps of the season!

Even Proenza Schouler has joined the trend, and now offer bag straps. This strap features a stripe pattern with a leather trim at lanyard clasp fastening. Retails for $245 (USD).
Proenza Schouler Multicolor Webbing Bag Strap

With Fendi starting the customized strap trend, the brand’s also releases their own design. The colorful strap is accentuated with dot leather detail, priced at $1,450 (USD).
Fendi Dot Detail Bag Strap

Anya Hindmarch also offers their own version of canvas straps. Embroidered with floral pattern, this piece retails for $695 (USD).
Anya Hindmarch Floral-Embroidered Leather Guitar Shoulder Strap

This season the Pionnière bag comes with a wide canvas strap that perfectly matches the bag’s color. Priced at $1,940 (USD).
Prada Pionnière Canvas-Trimmed Two-Tone Leather Shoulder Bag

This sleek tote bag includes a canvas strap which features the brand name and a strap. Retails for $1,290 (USD).
Givenchy Small Stargate Strap Leather Tote Bag

Some of Gucci’s most coveted bags including the Dionysus Top Handle and Hobo bags comes with the brand’s signature striped Web shoulder strap. This bag retails for $2,980 (USD).
Gucci Dionysus Small Leather Top-Handle Bag

Valentino offers a variety of guitar straps in canvas, it comes in beautiful embroideries like butterflies and beads. This Rockstud Rolling Bag has a pop flowers pattern and priced at $3,495 (USD).
Valentino Rockstud Rolling with Embroidered Strap

Dior’s latest handbag from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, this Dioraddict Flap features a bohemian-inspired red canvas strap with aged silver-tone medallions and lambskin details. Priced at $3,700 (USD).
Dior Lambskin Dioraddict Flap Bag with Bohemian Strap

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Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 Bags

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Man Bags – The New Men’s Fashion Accessory

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Girls, let this list guide you to your newfound treasure for your loved one, a man bag.

Weekend Bags for Men

If you notice yourself taking time out of your busy schedule to enjoy a weekend getaway, a man bag can be just what you need for a short trip. Finding a good weekender bag for men comes across as an easy task but with multiple styles out there, how do you choose your favorite one?

Adidas National Duffle Bag

Adidas National Duffle Bag

One design that won’t break the bank is the Adidas National Duffle Bag. For the sporty types, this bag with its honeycomb and slight reflective pattern, it has a space on inside for the few outfits you need. Zipper compartments easily accessible use this bag for multi purposes such as a few days away or take it to the gym. This duffel can be picked up in store or online at Urban Outfitters.

Jack Spade Barrow Leather Duffle

Jack Spade Barrow Leather Duffle

Men’s weekender bags don’t always have to have a sporty finish. Take things up a notch with the Jack Spade Barrow Leather Duffle. Overall sleek and smooth design, this man bag is ready to take on everyday wear. Just like the beloved Kate Spade, Jack Spade never upsets in the men’s style department. You can shop this look at

Tracksmith Limited Run Club Duffel

Tracksmith Limited Run Club Duffel

Get in a preppy mode when it comes to a weekend man bag with the Track Smith Limited Run Club Duffel. Navy fabric bag with an accent center white stripe, this lightweight design it easy to throw in the car or carry on a plane. Easily pack your day and night wear and look like you are ready to take on any seaside town. Shop this specific look only at

Ghurka Cavalier III No 98 Vintage Chestnut Duffel Bag

Ghurka Cavalier III No 98 Vintage Chestnut Duffel Bag

If you want a man bag to last for years to come, the Ghurka Cavalier III No 98 Vintage Chestnut Duffel Bag has to be one of the top best men’s weekend bags out there. This bag was built for the innovative gentlemen who are ready to take on business or play. If you are not a fan of the chestnut leather, there are multiple color options to choose from on Ghurka’s site.

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere

replica Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45 Damier Graphite fake bag

For the replica go-getters, Louis Vuitton is one of the best designs to purchase as a remake. The Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere is an excellent choice for a high-end replica duffle bag. If you are looking to budget wisely but still want a stunning travel bag, this Louis Vuitton is the way to go. You can find a lot of LV Keepall bag review here, on Spotbags.

Work Bags for Men

A busy guy always needs to carry around the goods with him to get through his workday successfully. A man bag to stash everything from his laptop to work documents needs to fit his personality for a feel good look. Office bags for men are gaining popularity more and more these days, and who doesn’t love a hard worker with style?

Frye Logan Messenger Bag

Frye Logan Messenger Bag

Show off a rugged design that is all about craftsmanship, the Frye Logan Messenger Bag will match all your work wear attire. Single over the shoulder strap made with fine leather, this masculine style is ideal for all work encounters. You can shop this bag at just about any high-end online retailer such as Neiman Marcus.

Replica Burberry Check Messenger Bag

Replica Burberry Check Messenger Bag

If you have more of an upscale taste, the Burberry Check Messenger Bag will fill that void. The classic check in a deep brown tone mutes the overall pattern for a subtle look. Effortlessly stylish, this is one of the go to side bags for men that will add flare to his work meetings.

Herschel Supply Co. Gibson Messenger Bag

Herschel Supply Co. Gibson Messenger Bag

At a great price point and a sturdy making, the Herschel Supply Co. Gibson Messenger Bag is functional in all the right ways. Easy to wear and pack for the day with top handle straps or and an adjustable shoulder strap, Herschel always provides trusted designs that are ready to last for ever. Shop this specific man bag at Nordstrom.

Replica Gucci Supreme Canvas Messenger Bag

Replica Gucci Supreme canvas messenger bag

Gucci has unisex messenger bags that will fit all your work gear. With the signature Gucci pattern, this Gucci replica Messenger Bag pulls out all the stops you need for a masculine accessory. Adjustable shoulder strap and just enough space to fill with anything you need to get the workday started, Gucci replicas will give you top-notch style.

Heading out for work, a carry on for your flight or simply going to the beach, any man bag will suffice your needs to have access to your belongings. Clean smooth leather or a designer’s touch, there is always room in your closet for a durable duffle or over the shoulder accessory. Man bags are the new men’s fashion accessory!

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New Louis Vuitton Bags

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Hermes Knockoff Bags – A Symbol Of Class and Hermes Knockoff Bags – The Birkin 30 In Black

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Hermes knockoff bags are probably the most luxurious accessories you could ever wish for. And when I say luxurious, I’m not only talking about the idea of wealth, but also about the fact that they simply express class. So today we’re looking at one of those rare Hermes Birkin bags, in crocodile leather, toted by a royal figure. In the end, what’s there a better bag for a royalty to wear than a Hermes?

Yes, when it comes down to being classy and stylish at the same time, Hermes knockoff bags are the best way to do it. The best proof for this is the picture we’re looking at today, where we can spot Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, beautifully toting an amazing Hermes Birkin in crocodile leather. I mean, just look at this picture and tell me how more exactly this is not the perfect way to dress or act?
A perfect smile, a perfect dress and a perfect handbag. That’s what I call being classy. And if you ask me, whenever it comes down to fashion, too many people consider that the flashier you get, the more attention you’ll receive. Well that’s not necessarily false, you will steal the spotlight. But the main thing about this matter is actually the way you choose to steal that spotlight. And if you ask me, there are two ways: through flashy looks or simply through basic and thoughtful outfits and attitude.
The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is the perfect example for my theory. She has a simple outfit but very well chosen, with the perfect Birkin croc bag, in black. There is not one thing that I would change about her look. It is simply amazing!
So if you ask me, when it comes to being fashionable, is not only about exaggerating and being a bit edgy, but more about being smart and have a good sense of taste.
Hermes Knockoff Bags – A Symbol Of Class
I feel like it’s been ages since I last talked about the Kardashians. Even if it’s only been a few days, I guess I like it so much seeing these millionaire celebrities sporting their perfect bags that I actually feel like missing them when not spotting their pictures for days. But today we are looking at one of the heads of the family, Kris Jenner. One of my favorite Kardashians, even if she’s a Jenner, we all know them as the Kardashians, right?
She’s been spotted toting an amazing Hermes Birkin bag in a small size. How awesome is that bag? Now really, whenever I think of my Hermes knockoff bags, I actually realize that there will always be something that I missed. It’s not like I don’t have already enough bags, but it has become inevitable finding new pictures with celebrities, sporting all sorts of sizes and colors of these beauties and it always makes me think it’s a never ending pursuit of finding the perfect bag.
While talking about my favorite Hermes knockoff bags, we must certainly focus our attention on the amazing Hermes Birkin 30 in black. It is one of those small beauties that can put you in the right spotlight with such few efforts. Even though it might be the most popular bag in the world, the reasons for that are still good enough for us to fall in love with it every single time we see it again. It’s an investment item no matter how you put it.

Whether we’re talking about style or we’re talking about functionality, this Birkin is certainly one of the best Hermes knockoff bags you could ever wear. I simply love it and I truly recommend it to all of you looking to add a touch of sophistication even to the most casual outfits!

Hermes Knockoff Bags – The Birkin 30 In Black

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Bags and Beauty: Fall 2016’s Best HandBags Coordinate With Some of Season Nail Polishes

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